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Unveiling DI Matthew Stannard's Latest Adventure: Death of a Blackbird Book Release

The third book in my British detective fiction series starring DI Matthew Stannard is out today.

Death of a Blackbird book cover with glass and bottle of whisky
Death of a Blackbird

Entitled 'Death of a Blackbird', the story follows the discovery of a body at Craynebrook's Blackbird Farm. Matthew is soon put on the case.

But Matthew is battling with problems of his own: a dangerous criminal is hunting him down, determined to exact revenge for the death of his mother, while women are throwing themselves at Matthew's feet. It seems an enviable situation to be in until one of the women turn nasty and Matthew's reputation and career are at stake.

My latest book release Death of a Blackbird is currently available in eBook and hardback. The eBook is also available in Kindle Unlimited.

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