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Under Cover of Darkness (2023)

A Prequel Novella

March 1914.

Matthew Stannard has joined the police force as a constable and he's looking forward to following in his father’s footsteps.

But he's in for a shock. Women are being brutally murdered and the Suffragettes are committing acts of terrorism on his patch. On top of this, Matthew is facing a personal challenge in the form of his sergeant, who wants to lead him down the path of corruption and won't take No for an answer.


Matthew wants to stay true to his principles but is wary of stepping out of line. Can he find the killer and bring justice to the streets of London? Or will the corruption of his peers prove too powerful?

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The Empire Club Murders (2023)

A DI Matthew Stannard Novel

The tranquillity of suburban Craynebrook is disturbed when a lifeless and nameless body is found dumped on the local common.

Enter newly promoted Detective Inspector Matthew Stannard, a policeman with a reputation that precedes him and which threatens to drag him down.

As Matthew embarks on his investigation, an another, more sinister plot demands his attention. One by one, members of an esteemed social club are meeting an untimely demise, leaving their community in a state of panic that they might be next. With the stakes higher than ever before, Matthew is under immense pressure from above to solve the case before the killer strikes again.

As the bodies pile up, Matthew's career and reputation hang in the balance. Will he be able to catch the killer and restore his standing in the force or will this case be his downfall?


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Echoes of a Murder (2023)

A DI Matthew Stannard Novel

In the quiet streets of Craynebrook, a sinister presence lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting women of the suburban London town.

After every attack, the assailant disappears into the night, leaving behind no trace, no witnesses, and no clues for Detective Inspector Matthew Stannard to follow.

Until one attack turns deadly and a reporter suggests a connection with an unsolved local murder, opening up a new avenue of investigation which, Matthew hopes, will give him the lead he so desperately needs.


But with a long list of suspects and a dearth of tangible evidence, Matthew’s confidence in his ability to find the killer wavers.


Does the truth lie buried in the past? Or will digging into an old murder put other women at risk?


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